Dog ‘s ♥ Water

Dog Water Fountains & Pet’s Health

Keeping your pet cool and clean plays a critical part in their overall health. Dogs need to stay hydrated to stay healthy and active. Dogs typically require at least one ounce of water per day for each pound of body weight. Washing your pet helps to keep their immune system functioning well and it also provides some great bonding time with your pet.

Various dogs have different cleaning schedules, consult with your pet care team as to what is recommended. If they get too dirty then their immune system has to work harder to keep bacteria from attacking your dog’s skin.

You as a pet owner also know your pet better than anyone and can tell when it is time to clean them. Refreshing their coat and skin will help keep the immune system running smooth. Cleaning them will be very soothing for them and will help keep their coat and skin clean and they will feel great after a nice warm bath.

The COOL DOG WATER FOUNTAINS are made to function perfectly for your pet care needs. Our quality Dog Water Fountain feature the highest level of marine-grade Type 316 stainless-steel incorporates molybdenum, which significantly increases corrosion resistance, and will keep your dog water fountains beautiful for years to come. Residential or Commercial, Indoors or Outdoors, these tubs are excellent for quality pet care.